Here’s what we’re planning to cook for you this week.
But if we find something more fabulous or fresh we may well serve that instead.

Supper 6.30 – 10.30pm
If you have any dietary requirements please phone ahead to have a specially prepared treat.

Matt’s merquez, spiced yogurt. £8
Crispy pork, chilli salsa. £8
Mushrooms with truffle oil £9

Wednesday 13th November
Pork belly in cider, fennel seed, star anise.
Celeriac mash with Dijon and greens.

Thursday 14th November
Chicken, lemongrass, turmeric and galangal.
Chorizo rice, crispy nuts, garlic greens.

Friday 15th November
Shin of beef, pancetta, horseradish cream.
Garlic and herb potatoes with kale.

Choc torte, amaretti, brandy cream, orange syrup £6
GVC ice cream, sticky pear, pistachio. £6